DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

Event Log: Post AAR.KTA5/460.829M41 (part 5)

Come you aliens, show me what passes for fury amongst your misbegotten kind!

Session 18: The Last Stand – Carnifex Charge (Part 5)

The Kill Team realizes the deviousness of the Tyranids when the Tyranid forces sends forth multiple charging Carnifexes to breach the defenses. The Tyranids send the Carnifexes in twos with one behind the other. Expecting the first to be slain the one behind uses the carcass as a shield and a multi-ton battering ram pushed from behind. If this does not work, it uses the carcass as a ramp to cross over the wall into the defenses beyond.

Even with the multi-layered offense in place the Kill Team coordinates and establishes a strongpoint to enable them to coordinate and focus fire on the Carnifexes. The Astartes stop three in their tracks but one makes it over the wall breaching it but in the process is slain just as it made it past the wall essentially creating a temporary bulwark due to its massive size.

The Imperials use this as an opportunity to fall back to the next layer of defenses where the Tyranids are channeled into Kill Zones. Thousands of Tyranid Hormagaunts, Termagants, and Warriors die due to focused fire and mines but it is nothing more than a tactic to force the imperials to use their limited supplies. What will run out first… the Imperial ammo supply or the Tyranid supply of bodies?

As the fighting rages on the second line of defenses, Brother Gregor meets with General Stein to discuss next strategies when he notices at several points the ground beginning to crack. He calls out a warning as Raveners burst from beneath. From the southern front lines the Tyranids increase the wrath of their attack.


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