DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

Event Log: Post AAR.KTA5/461.829M41 (part 6)

Save and Destroy.

Session 19: The Last Stand – Ravener Strike (Part6)

Raveners strike at the heart of the C&C. While the Kill Team saves General Stein, his Command Staff are eliminated by the surprise attack leaving him bereft of a well-trained command and logistics team. If it was not for Brother Gregor defending General Stein it is certain he would have fallen in the attack as well.

The attack shows a multi-layered approach to the overall Tyranid strategy. As the Raveners struck, aquatic Warrior bio-forms strike from the canals while a new swarm of gargoyles arrive to provide the Tyranids air coverage and the southern attackers increase the ferocity of their attacks. The northern defenses, thinned by the relocation of forces to defend the southern defenses, begin to collapse. The Kill Team jumps into the mix of things to lend support in different forms.

Brother Gregor steps up and helps General Stein coordinate the defenders to prevent an all-out route, Brother Zydan takes over coaxing the machine spirits of the C&C, Brother Sepheran moves to the front line to provide medicae & leadership support, and Brother Elyas focuses his efforts on providing air coverage by attacking the Gargoyle swarm to the north and then landing in the midst of the Tyranids to slow their overrun of the northern defenses.

The entire Kill-Team converges on the Northern wall when Brother Zydan spots a larger than normal warrior bio-form that has never been cataloged. This bio-form is surrounded by spiked carapaced melee warriors. The Kill-Team suspects that this bio-form is leading, at the least, the northern attack.


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