• Brother Elyas

    Brother Elyas

    A hot-blooded space marine.
  • Brother Fugis

    Brother Fugis

    DeathWatch Devastator Marine from the Saladmanders Adeptus Astartes Chapter
  • Brother Gregor

    Brother Gregor

    Tactical Marine from the Adeptus Astartes Storm Wardens Chapter
  • Brother Malloc

    Brother Malloc

    Assault Marine of the Black Templares 5th Battle Division, "lost behind enemy lines"
  • Brother Sepheran

    Brother Sepheran

    DeathWatch Apothecary from the Blood Angels Adeptus Astartes Chapter
  • Brother Zydan

    Brother Zydan

    Deathwatch Techmarine Seconded from the Iron Hands
  • [KIA] Brother Octavious

    [KIA] Brother Octavious

    DeathWatch Devastator Marine from the Ultramarines Adeptus Astartes Chapter