Brother Gregor

Tactical Marine from the Adeptus Astartes Storm Wardens Chapter


Brother Gregor, like all Storm Wardens, hails from a barbarian tribe on Sacris. His tribe, Rusalka, comes from the southern steppes of the planet, and is known for men of great stature. Brother Gregor is no different, and stands several inches taller than even most Space Marines.

As a tactical marine, Gregor does not seem to favor any one weapon over another, but always carries his Sacris Claymore into battle. Many foes have met their end on that blade, and word has it the blade has quite a history among the Rusalka. He is also very proficient with the basic bolter. Despite his size, Gregor is a surgical warrior. He prefers to seek the heart of the enemy, and take it out with short brutal strikes.

Gregor’s armor is an old suit of armor that has been passed down through a line of Storm Wardens, all of great size. Being slightly larger than the standard Mark VII power armor, there are more myomer fiber bundles, and the armor puts even more power behind the wearer.

Gregor is well known for his aspiration to the position of Watch Captain, and was quick to volunteer when the call for seconding to the Deathwatch went out in the 3rd Company of the Storm Wardens. It is said that he is not the first of his tribe to join the Deathwatch, this may be part of his ambition to Watch Captain.

Brother Gregor

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