Character Generation

Character Generation Resources

The following is available for player character generation:

  • All Deathwatch books
Creating DeathWatch Characters

DeathWatch characters will be created according to the rules in the core rulebook. New characters will begin at an XP equal to 1/2 of the average XP awarded per session to-date.


We are using the BC Skill system. This means a number of skills start off as a “basic” or common skill. This means the skill can be used untrained but at a -20 penalty.

The following skills are not treated as common basic skills and thus cannot be used untrained: Ciphers, Demolition, Invocation, Lore: Forbidden, Lore: Scholastic, Medicate, Navigation, Pilot (Flyers), Pilot (Space Craft), Psyniscience, Speak Language, tactics, Tech-Use, and Trade.

Rank 4 (+30 skills)

This is a rare mastery of a skill. To acquire a Space Marine must have already purchased the +20 version. The cost of the +30 skill is equal to 400 plus double the cost of the +20 version of the skill or 1,200 whichever is lower.


Parry progresses at the same rate as Dodge. So when a character may purchase a Dodge Advance of a specific level (0,+10, +20, +30), they can also purchase Parry at the same level as well.

Free Trained Skill

At each rank, a character may select a common basic skill (-20) and elevate it to rank 2 (0) at no cost. Parry and Dodge are excluded from this option as this is reflective not of combat skills and experience but general knowledge acquired by a space marine through their years of service.

Unnatural Traits

We are using the Unnatural Trait rules from BC. This means instead of an Unnatural Trait being a multiplier it is an additive value. All Space Marines begin with Unnatural Strength (4) and Unnatural Toughness (4).

Character Generation

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