Fate Point House Rules


Spending one Fate Point allows for one of the following:

1. Re-roll a failed test once. The results of the re-roll are final.
2. Gain a +10 bonus to a test. This must be chosen before dice are rolled.
3. Add an extra degree of success to a test. This may be chosen after dice are rolled, and only if the test was already successful.
4. Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.
5. HR (modified from core): Instantly recover 1d5 Wounds or 1 point of critical.
6. HR: Eliminate all points of fatigue.
7. HR: Shake off the effects of a Stun, Fear, or Pinned after one round of effects.
8. HR: Gain an additional free Reaction action that can be used for an additional parry or dodge, even if he has already used his reaction this round.
9. HR: Gain an additional Half-Action that must be used during the character’s current turn. This can be done during the turn or before but must be used before the character ends his turn or else it is lost. Note this does not allow the character to perform multiple actions of the same type.
10. HR: Unjam a gun.
11. HR: Reroll damage.
12. HR: Reroll a failed psychic test.
13. HR: If assissiting, spend a fate point to add +10, reroll, or add a degree of success to the activity being assissted. Note that only one person can spend a fate point for a given roll.
14. HR: Reroll a failed psychic power test.
14. HR: Perform an additional attack during the character’s action as a free action. Only attacks that require a half-action may be performed using this fate point.

Burning Points

1. Survive a killing critical attack.
2. HR: Refresh fate point pool to regain back all fate points, excluding the fate point burned to refresh the fate point pool.

Fate Point House Rules

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