Game Awards

In-Game Awards


Experience will be awarded after each session. This will be captured under Game Management and linked to each session’s journal entry. Experience is awarded according to the core rulebooks. XP may be spent upon receipt or reserved for later use.

Progressing forward, the player should get approval for an alternative rank from the GM but does not have to do so for standard career ranks. If the player wishes to create a new rank, he should create such and present to the GM.

Players may also spend experience on acquisition of background packages that become available during play.

Fate points

Fate Points will be awarded based on exemplary roleplaying above and beyond the norm. This typically entails roleplaying where the player stays true to the character motives, even if such goes against the overall party objectives, yet balances this in such a way that conflicts between players do not escalate beyond that of words.

Bonus Awards

Players may gain additional experience from the following:

  • A one-time bonus of 250xp or 1 Fate Point for creating a character writeup
  • Bonus xp for involvement in the portal. These vary based on the involvement.
Character Writeup

A character writeup entails a brief paragraph for each of the following gains a one-time award of 250 xp or 1 Fate Point.

  • Overview: A brief summary of the player’s home world, imperial associations, and career. This is to be included in the character writeup for the portal by the player.
  • Description: A description of what the character physically looks like and first impressions the character projects. This is to be included in the character writeup for the portal by the player.
  • Background: An overview of the character’s history as shared with others. This is to be included in the character writeup for the portal by the player.
  • Secrets: This is a write-up for each of the above on items that are known only by the character and not shared with the other players. As such it is shared (initially at least) only with the GM; it is not for public consumption. The GM will enter it into the GM only section of the site.
  • Motives: This is a write-up of the character’s motives and goals. It is treated the same as Secrets and as such is shared only with the GM.
Bonus Awards for Portal Involvement

The following are awards granted to players for their involvement in the portal. To get this award, players should post their activities in the Forum under Bonus Awards and the GM will approve.

  • Journal Entry [=100 to 250xp per session; award based on length and focus]: Make a Journal entry on a session in the Adventure Log. This should be at least a paragraph in length and can be a summary or character perspective.
  • Journal Comments [=50xp for IC or 25xp for OOC comment per Journal Entry]: Player makes an in-character (50xp) or out-of-character (25xp) comment on a Journal entry. OOC comments should be appended with “OOC:” at the front of the comment or else they do not get the bonus.
  • NPC Notes[=25xp per NPC]: Player enters notes on the NPC; this can entail perspectives of the NPC, documenting interactions, or capturing notes about the NPC.
  • Wiki Contribution [=100 to 500xp]: The player submits a writeup for a wiki page.

Game Awards

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