The following is a brief outline of game logistics.

Mode of Play
This is an online campaign. We have players from PA, VA, TX!, and CA. We use Map Tools to play; in particular we use the WH40k Framework that automates a lot of the combat complexities. This is accompanied with TeamSpeak 3 for voice communication. For our purposes, we will only be using voice, so a headset is needed to play.

Time of Play
We play on Sundays from 7pm to 10pm EST with 11pm being a deadstop. Sometimes we play on Fridays from 9 to 2 or thereabouts.

Start Date
This campaign has a start date of 7/9/2010.

Calendar and Coordinating Play
I use the Obsidian Portal calendar to schedule sessions.

New Player To-Do:

  1. Install TeamSpeak 3 and test out headset.
  2. Download maptools version 87.
  3. Make a DeathWatch character and work out background details with the GM.
  4. Add your characters to this site.


DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio BTS1967 BTS1967