Primarchs Curse

This house rule is specific to DeathWatch.

Primarchs Curse & Insanity

The Primarch’s Curse is tied to the character’s Insanity. Given it is quite difficult for Astartes to gain insanity, primarch’s curse seldom comes into play.

With this in mind, Astartes will need to make an Insanity test (WillPower at +0) when they use their Demeanor; note that the Demeanor is also beefed up to offset this risk.

The WillPower test is modified based on the character’s current level of curse:

No level = +10
Level 1 = 0
Level 2 = -10
Level 3 = -20

If the test fails the character gains 1 point of Insanity; if they roll a natural 96 or higher, they will suffer 1d5 points.

From a roleplaying perspective this represents the character’s worse aspects of his Demeanour coming into effect or failing himself; affects that push him down a path of becoming more and more like his Primarch. In terms of the chapter, it typically reflects the more dominant aspect of his Primarch taking over and driving him closer to the wearknesses of his Primarch.

Primarchs Curse

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