Roleplaying Demeanors


Demeanors are specific traits associated with a Space Marine. Some demeanours are linked to the Space Marine’s home Chapter – the Chapter’s beliefs, traditions, or even specific flaws in their gene seed – whilst others are unique to that individual Space Marine’s personality.

Demeanours can be triggered by the player to gain a bonus in much the same manner as a Fate Point. Unlike spending a Fate Point, however, triggering a Demeanour provides a bonus that can then be boosted by roleplaying.

In order to trigger a Demeanour, the Space Marine player need only announce that he is doing so and apply the benefits. When a Space Marine’s Demeanour is triggered, the Space Marine gains any applicable benefit he would normally get from spending a Fate Point. Triggering a Demeanour should be done in a manner that is relevant to the Demeanour, although it is up to the player’s discretion as to how he chooses to interpret his Demeanour for the situation.

A Demeanour may be triggered a maximum of once (and only once, no matter how many demeanours he may have!) per game session. Limiting the Demeanour’s triggering to once per game keeps those elements that make the Space Marine and his Chapter special front and centre in the game experience.


In addition, the benefits of triggering the Demeanour may be enhanced if the Space Marine player puts effort into roleplaying the Demeanour. The player can portray his character either gaining strength from the ideals of his Demeanour or (alternately) considering the demeanour as a particular challenge to be overcome. If the Space Marine player roleplays his Demeanour, he can gain an Improvement. An Improvement is a doubling or even tripling of any applicable bonus (gaining a +20 or +30 bonus to a Test instead of +10, removing 2d5 Damage instead of 1d5, and so forth).

Gaining Improvements

Simply roleplaying a Demeanor when it is triggered will net the player a doubling of the bonus. If the GM feels the Demeanor was roleplayed exceptionally well the bonus will be tripled; this occurs if the roleplaying was memorable, noteworthy, and beyond the standard roleplaying of a Demeanor.

Roleplaying Demeanors

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