Terminus Sanctio is a Warhammer 40k campaign based in the Jericho Reach. The campaign presents a duality where the players are both the protagonists (a Death Watch Team) and the antagonists (Black Crusades). The group switches back and forth between the two groups as each team pursues its own missions and objectives across time and events to the point where they intersect in a confrontation against an evil that threatens the interests of both the Imperium and the powers of Chaos… though given the vagaries of Chaos, the actions of the compact may vary well decide to join in with the “evil” or attempt to usurp it.

As this campaign is being run from two portals and is linear in nature, inactivity on this portal most likely means an unexpected break or the campaign is being run from that of the antagonists perspective on the Black Crusade portal.

Visit the Black Crusade sister site for the other side of the coin of this campaign: Diablolos Inimicus.

Note that this is an online game at 7:00pm EST pretty much every Sunday. We use MapTools with Wolphs Warhammer 40k Framework.

DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

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