DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

AAR : Avalos Broodlord Extermination

DeathWatch Report Avalos.KTA5/456.829M41

After Action Report
Imperial Date: 456.829M41
Submitted by: Watch Commander Mordigael, Master of the Vigil,
Watch Fortress Arioch, Jovian Reach
Subject: Avalos Genestealer Extermination

Kill-Team Designator: Gα5-AVA-TYR-B\EXT

Brother Gregor of the Storm Wardens, Kill-Team Lead
Brother Elyas of the Dark Angels, Kill-Team Assault
Brother Octavious of the Ultramarines, Kill-Team Devastator
Brother Sepheran of the Blood Angels, Kill-Team Apothecary
Brother Skold of the Space Wolves, Kill-Team Librarian

Joined at the House of Echoes:
Brother Malloc of the Black Templars, no affliation with the DeathWatch, Assault

Joined at the Munitorium Supply Cache:
Brother Zydan of the Iron Hands, Kill-Team TechMarine

Executive Summary
Kill-Team issued to Avalos to exterminate Broodlord and Genestealer infestation on request by Inquisitor Kallistradi. Kill-team discovered Broodlord had initiated a planet-wide civil war. Unknown to the mission at the time was an incoming hive fleet from Dagda. Kill-Team performed admirably under the leadership of Brother Gregor of the Storm Wardens.

Objectives achieved included:
I. Rescuing Lord Governor Thorsholt from a Genestealer pack.
II. Sent a warning of the uprising and xenos influence in overrunning the planet. The astropath also sent a warning of the oncoming Tyranid invasion.
III. Rescued Lord Marshall Ramerez from a Rebel PDF siege. Lord Marshall Ramirez led an Arbites assault against the Rebel HQ that diverted enemy forces that enabled the Kill-Team to strike at the HQ and eliminate the traitor General of the PDF leading the Rebels.
IV. Rallied the PDF in the city of Lordsholm by decisively defeating the rebels in multiple engagements. One engagement in particular prevented a tertiary Crusade Munitorium depot from falling into enemy hands.

V. Discovered the lair of the Broodlord and eliminated it along with its
Genestealer progeny.

Sequence of Mission:
1975 Secured landing zone at Imperial Cathedral and broke rebel siege of over
2,000 rebels. Siege was broken quickly and decisively with creative battlefield
tactical application of enemy explosives.
2115 Rescued Lord Thorsholt from a Genestealer pack that was presumably sent to
eliminate him and the ruling forces of the planet.
2175 Defended the Astropath as she sent a message warning of the xenos driven civil uprising as well as the encroaching hive fleet. Unfortunately the strain of pushing through the warp shadow cast by the hive fleet caused the death of the Astropath.
2300 Overran a heavily fortified rebel battlefront and destroyed three armored sentinel walkers.
2315 Rescued Lord Marshall Ramerez of the Adeptus Arbites from traitor PDF units. This allowed the rallying of the Arbites and Lordsholm enforcers.
2400 Broke the rebel siege on the PDF base, destroyed enemy artillery bombarding the base, and eradicated a swarm of Genestealers.
0030 Discovered and resupplied from an Adeptus Astartes supply cache established by the Administratum Munitorium as a tertiary Crusade supply cache. Reference the sealed section of this AAR for further details.
0145\0215 Secured Avalos Space port and eliminated Tyranid biological technology used to Jam Vox channels.
0245 Rallied local PDF and Imperial Officials to execute coordinated attacks on the two last rebel bastions.
0330 Assaulted the Rebel HQ and eliminated the Rebel leadership. Discovered that Inquisitor Kalistradi had been captured and taken to the Broodlord. Based on rebel tactical maps it was surmised that the Broodlords lair was in a Promethium refinery in the Factoria Disctrict.
0500 Broodlord’s lair stormed by the team with the eradication of the remaining GeneStealers and the Broodlord. Remains of Kalistradi found with encrypted notes.

At Dawn the Hive Fleet arrived in orbit. Reference subsequent AAR for details on the Kill-Team’s activities in surviving the initial invasion and subsequent elimination of this splinter fleet from Dagda.

Actions of Note:

I. Brother Octavious of the Ultramarines valiantly gave his life in the
defense of the PDF base by blocking a tunnel swarming with over two dozen
Genestealers. He personally exterminated 23 of the xenos before perishing from his
wounds His Kill-Team honored his name in the Watch Fortress Arioch’s Wall of
Sacrifice. Both his armor and his geneseed have been returned to his Chapter with a recommendation for a posthumous award of the Imperial Laurel for his act of great valor.

II. As the Kill-Team prepared to have a message relayed to the Watch Fortress, an Adeptus Astartes of the Black Templars, Brother Malloc, was sucked into the
warp as he was escaping from a boarding engagement in the Acheros Salient. His
escape pod was dropped into orbit over Avalos. He homed in on the beacon the team
used and then joined up with the DeathWatch team. His skills supplemented that of
the team. I have submitted a transfer request to his commanding officer in the Black
Templars to second him to the DeathWatch.

III. Techmarine Brother Zyden of the Iron Hands joined the team after they had secured the PDF base. Reference the Violet sealed section of this AAR for further details.

Mission Outcome

The Broodlord was eliminated, its spawn were eradicated, and the rebellion was broken. The Leadership of the team allowed for the Imperial forces to rally and prepare for a defense of the eminent Hive Fleet. This delaying action enabled a defense against a Tyranid fleet till reinforcements arrived. This action will be detailed in a subsequent After Action Report.


This section sealed.
Vermillion Clearance Only


The Kill-Team discovered and activated the Omega cache secreted within the Adeptus Astartes supply vault in the Crusade Tertiary supply depot. This hidden cache was secreted on instructions from Omega vault 53LE-892. The vault on 856.712M41 with written instructions on specific equipment to be cached and a volunteer TechMarine to be placed into stasis for an unknown future deployment under unspecified conditions. Brother Zydan of the Iron Hands volunteered for this duty and his actions were noted within the DeathWatch records of honor. Based on the debriefing from the team and Watch Fortress records, it is estimated that that vault 95TA-427 opened at the point the team discovered the Omega vault. This vault contained specific written instructions to be handed over to Inquisitor Severeticus Loa CresZeal of Krieg when he arrived at Watch Fortress Arioch. At the opening of the vault, Inquisitor Severeticus Loa CresZeal of Krieg was an unknown Inquisitor within the Watch Fortress circle.

My subsequent After Action Report details the arrival of Inquisitor Severeticus Loa CresZeal of Crieg and his Throne Agents as well as their impact on the subsequent mission of the Kill-Team deployed to Avalos to deal with the genestealer infestation.



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