DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

Event Log: Post AAR.KTA5/458.829M41

Events Proceeding the BroodLord Execution Mission

Tyranid Bioship

Note that this is a summary of multiple sessions for players who were not able to attend. Each mission will still be summarized with an AAR. This particular post summarizes the past sessions up to resuming play as well as our first session back. It is written in terms of scenes for ease of summary vs sessions; given the choices made by the Kill Team the scenes intertwine and do not create a direct linear story. A mapping between the relevant sessions and scenes is provided.

Scene 1 (Session 2): Victory is but the Prelude to the Next Battle

After slaying the broodlord and a majority of its spawn, the Kill-Team exits the promethium factory to witness a hive ship entering the atmosphere launching uncounted mycetic spores (Tyranid equivalent of drop popds) into the atmosphere of Avalos; a number were streaking towards Lordsholm.

With their mission accomplished the Kill-Team now has set their own mission to survive. After much discussion they decided to stay in Lordsholm and help the Imperials survive; it’s a gambit based on the fact that going solo they could be overrun while staying in Lordsholm they can shore up the PDF and have a chance to survive. Additionally, a secondary objective is to enable as many imperials to survive as possible.

The Kill-Team, working with General Stein and ignoring Lord Governor Thorsholdt’s demands, has offered their aide in reinforcing the Imperials position. Stein has sealed off the Magistra District and has been taking in refugees in a controlled manner but a number of mycetic spores dropped into the district and now there are wandering bands of Tyranids. He has asked them to work with his teams in cleansing the infestation to provide a safe haven.

Scene 2 (Session 4, 5, & 6): An Idle Mind Leads to Heresy

The Kill-Team hunts down and eliminates several bands of Tyranids when they come upon the battle scene of a White Scars Space Marine (information gleaned from witnesses) hunting Tyranids. Following his trail they come upon a Brood Lord and GeneStealers acting oddly and the trail of the White Scar goes cold. The team pursues the Genestealers into a mansion where they quickly disappear.

Searching the mansion for the elusive Genestealers they come upon a secret entrance to a hidden basement level. Opening the entrance they hear the grating and disturbing chanting of cultists interlaced with bursts of binary scrapcode.

Charging into the basement level the Kill-Team battles a sect of hereteks defended by servitors infected with the Obliterator virus. The heretical Mechnicus have a Tyranid organism entrapped in some elaborate heretical device master linked to an array that seems to grant some level of control over the Tyranids. Charging ahead and slaying all before them they destroy the device and free the Tyranid that attacks them with a violent psychic assault.

As they defeat the Tyranid organism they sense the withdrawal of an entity. With that withdrawal comes an overwhelming sense of a great hunger that fades with the presence of the entity.

Scene 3 (Session 3 & 9): Suffer Not the Alien to Live

Unknown to the Kill-team, while they searched the mansion a wave of Tyranids were forming on the other side of the Rag Makets. This wave broke into chaos and a rampage when the device was destroyed in the Nobles mansion (a data point that was correlated after the fact). The Kill-Team exited and discovered panic over the air waves as the battered PDF went to ground to defend the Market ward against the encroaching Tyranids.

In fear the Governor and his entourage of lackeys boarded a modified orbital yacht with the intention of fleeing to the interior of the continent to Highlords View where they felt there would be safety. They didn’t get far.

Gargoyles swarmed over the shuttle and sacrificed themselves to destroy the engines by throwing themselves into the intake valves. To make a much more delicate situation worse, the shuttle crashed into the Market Ward where the PDF were making a stand. The Governor, surviving the crash and unwilling to leave the perceived safety of the shuttle demanded General Stein protect him.

General Stein pulling out a large portion of PDF entered the market ward to setup a defensive perimeter around the shuttle. The Governor, fearing for his safety, refused to leave till the threat of the Tyranids were defeated.

Hearing all of this take place, the Kill-Team proceeded to the Market Ward where they joined the PDF in beating back the maddened rush of Tyranids. Outnumbered by 3 to 1 the PDF were pushed back beyond the Rag Markets but were able to hold off the uncoordinated Tyranids with the aid of the Kill-Team.

Scene 4 (Session 10): A Cowards Just Reward

Tired of his foolishness and considering him a threat to everyone’s survival, the Kill-Team proceeded to the shuttle’s location to confront and possibly execute the Governor. They came upon an abandoned shuttle with only the Governor and his two main advisors within. One of the advisors, a Viscount Mallear, was listening at the top of a stairwell to the hold below where the Governor could be overheard sniveling and whining to his other advisor Dominius Trantor.
The Kill-Team could overhear Trantor slap the Governor and command him to do what he says when they came down the stairs. It was at this point that the Kill-team entered the hold with the obvious intent of violence. Trantor pushed the Governor behind him and began to chant at which point the team filled him full of bolter rounds. Dying they saw his body explode with warp energy and a horde of rampaging Daemons were unleashed.

Protecting the Governor, the Kill-Team made short work of the Daemons. At this point they turned to the Governor and made it obvious that while they were uncertain as to his allegiance his ineptness was a threat to the Imperial peace. In all other encounters the Governor gave way in his weak willed manner breaking down in fear he soiled himself and began to weep. Above they could hear Mallear running and shouting for help… that the Space Marines were going to kill the Lord Governor.

The Kill-Team decided to hold their justice at this point. But they did confront the Governor about his decision to stay in this open area with no natural defenses to help defend against the Tyranids. Oddly with the arrival of General Stein and his advisor the Governor grew a spine and stood up to the Kill Team when they demanded he order his troops to withdraw. The Governor called upon the Emperor’s grace and pointed beyond the shuttle to where a mercantile chapel to the Emperor stood. “He brought us here for a reason. And here we stand before this xenos blemish to show it we are not afraid.”

Not seeing any other options the Kill-team withheld the Emperor’s justice and let the Emperor leave with his lackey’s. Having made their point, the Governor would be on a short leash or will he?

Scene 5 (session 11): The Best Laid Plans of Mortals and Astartes

Two members of the kill-team, Brother Gregor and Brother Zydan, met with General Stein and his advisers while the rest of the Kill-Team set about to help the defenders prepare for the coming Tyranids. They reviewed the battle plans, made some suggestions, and offered help by sending out two teams: one to retrieve supplies from the Munitorium Crusade Tertiary Supply Depot by Maglev train and another to circle around the path of the oncoming Tyranids to create a firewall to funnel the horde and retrieve promethium from the Fabrica District.


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