DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

Event Log: Post AAR.KTA5/459.829M41 (part 2)

The Alien fails because it canot embrace the Emperor.

Session 13: Supply Run (Part 2)

The battle was fierce but between Brother Zydan and Brother Gregor they were holding their own. Once they crossed the bridge they would be within range of backup but the foul xenos had other plans.

A broodlord and a pack of its Genestealers had covered the bridge with girders and other refuse. Enough to cause the train less than a minute away to crash. Luckily Brother Malloc had been listening to the PDF battle channel and heard the panic of the platoon across the battle channels. Using his jet pack he quickly made it to the bridge to witness the Train moving at full speed towards a bridge covered with enough debris to cause it to go off track and into the canal below.

The Broodlord and its pack were watching the oncoming train and Malloc used that to his advantage. He called a warning to his battle brothers and did a far jump and landed behind the Broodlord catching it by surprise. With surprise on his side he was able to cut it down with a flurry of blows of his chainaxe. Its pack thrown into screeching pain at the sudden death of their pack master.

Meanwhile the battle brothers on the train combined their firepower to eliminate the Shrikes on top of the train while Brother Gregor commanded it to pull on its break in the hope to slow it down. Malloc used the extra seconds to jump onto the pile of debris, plant a melta bomb, and jump away. Just in time as the debris was blown away so the train could cross unimpeded.

The train arrived and the supplies unloaded while a combined force of PDF and the other battle brothers held back the advance forces of the horde.


BTS1967 BTS1967

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