DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

Event Log: Post AAR.KTA5/460.829M41 (part 4)

No Mercy. No Remorse. Just Kill.

Session 17: The Last Stand – Genestealer Rush (Part 4)

The Kill Team worked in parallel to eliminate the Genestealer pack to the West while the rest of the team rounded up the brood spawn into a room away from their “comrades” before they were discovered and executed them with no mercy. By this time the other Genestealer pack reached the east gate. The Kill Team then converged and eliminated the Genestealer pack before it could cause a breach. It was close but the kill Team’s efforts prevented a breach just as the Tyranids sent a tsunami of living claws and teeth into the southern defenses of the Imperial forces.


BTS1967 BTS1967

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