DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

Event Log: Post AAR.KTA5/459.829M41

Inspiration grows from the barrel of a gun.

Session 12: Supply Run

Having decided to put their lives on the survival of the Avalos citizens, the Kill-Team split into two teams to perform two objectives. The first team composed of Brother Gregor and Brother Zydan made the supply run.

They worked with the PDF to acquire a working Mag-Lev Train along with 4 PFD platoons to help them acquire supplies for the stand off at the Munitorium Crusade Tertiary Supply Depot. On the way they noticed they were being trailed by a pack of Hormagaunts numbering well over 200. Having arrived at least 30 minutes before the Horde the Kill-Team they were able to locate a cache of heavy weapons in the Munitorium as well as two working Hellhounds. Coordinating a platoon with the heavy weapons and Hellhounds Gregor setup an ambush for the Tyranids who happened to be herded by a handful of Genestealers.

Meanwhile Zydan discovered a cache of heavy labor servitors that he activated and with the PDF loaded up the train supply cars. After taking the time to find flat cars to load up the Hellhounds they headed back. Nearly three hours had elapsed and they were an hour behind schedule. On the way back they saw a swarm of Gargoyles and something large and ominous winging their way to intercept the train.

As the flying horde came within a firing solution they saw over 500 gargoyles, numerous shrikes, and an unknown bioform in the center of the formation. Having mounted Assault cannons on the top of the train the PDF and two Astartes inflicted heavy wounds upon the flying horde as well as take out the large flying bioform before it could close and do much harm. Though during this the flight of Shrikes were able to land on top of the train and engage the trains defenders.


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