DeathWatch: Terminus Sanctio

AAR : Avalos Broodlord Extermination
DeathWatch Report Avalos.KTA5/456.829M41

After Action Report
Imperial Date: 456.829M41
Submitted by: Watch Commander Mordigael, Master of the Vigil,
Watch Fortress Arioch, Jovian Reach
Subject: Avalos Genestealer Extermination

Kill-Team Designator: Gα5-AVA-TYR-B\EXT

Brother Gregor of the Storm Wardens, Kill-Team Lead
Brother Elyas of the Dark Angels, Kill-Team Assault
Brother Octavious of the Ultramarines, Kill-Team Devastator
Brother Sepheran of the Blood Angels, Kill-Team Apothecary
Brother Skold of the Space Wolves, Kill-Team Librarian

Joined at the House of Echoes:
Brother Malloc of the Black Templars, no affliation with the DeathWatch, Assault

Joined at the Munitorium Supply Cache:
Brother Zydan of the Iron Hands, Kill-Team TechMarine

Executive Summary
Kill-Team issued to Avalos to exterminate Broodlord and Genestealer infestation on request by Inquisitor Kallistradi. Kill-team discovered Broodlord had initiated a planet-wide civil war. Unknown to the mission at the time was an incoming hive fleet from Dagda. Kill-Team performed admirably under the leadership of Brother Gregor of the Storm Wardens.


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